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The Martinique Surfing team has a solid experience in organizing sports events around surfing. Our team of over 20 volunteers organize competitions since 2009 designed as genuine cultural entertainment, sports and educational.
Devoted to our goals we put all our energy, our organization and methods to develop our sport to the widest possible audience in the island, while transmitting our values in a warm atmosphere.
Thus all our events include the following services:

  • Magnified sports spectacles (speakers, prizes, prize money) to ensure a strong emotional character for spectators.
  • Music, Meals and drinks.
  • Cultural or educational intervenant (eg collaboration with stakeholders OMMM on preserving the coastline).
  • Free surfing and bodyboarding initiation.
  • Presence Of cameramen and photographers.
  • Presence of different media (NRJ, RFO, KMT rLDM …).

Federal competitions (according to the specifications of the FFS) are organized to validate acquired taught and help to elevate the practice at the highest level.
They also allow competitors to accumulate points and have a national ranking.
They are stepping stones to official competitions outside of our island surf (national and international).
The friendly (events):
It is about surf and bodyboard competitions called “free”. They have innovative formats that are biased to show the beauty and gestures. These rhythmic and lively events are punctuated by various cultural actors (musicians, dancers, awareness of coastal preservation …), this is our concept of “total sport.”