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FOR ALL THOSE WHO LOVE THE OCEAN! SURF ! Martinique Surfing is a sports association law 1901, this association is the fruit of the will of young Martinican Surfing enthusiasts. Centered around boardsports sports this structure is:

  • The development and democratization of these sports
  • The promotion of  “surfing” in Martinique
  • The development and preservation of the coast in Martinique

This essentially involves the voluntary commitment and pooling of expertise of young Martinican. Martinique Surfing is an association affiliated with the French Federation of surfing, so this is a federal club. The activity of Martinique Surfing is based on:

A club

  • initiation
  • perfection
  • competition


  • Federal competitions
  • Free surfing competitions and open days (friendly)
  • Different social actions

[fondnoir]This association is open to everyone to share the pleasures of the ocean. It provides guidance to practitioners by qualified and trained persons (sports, leisure, security …) and allows through the pooling of know-how and cost reductions related to the practice (travel, information, gear …) wide distribution surf values.[/fondnoir]